Wednesday, June 27, 2012

NAPALM RAID - Mindless Nation 12"

Details: After two 7”s previously released and circulating the world also on Rust and Machine records, Here is the debut of NAPALM RAID on the 12” format. Hailing all the way from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Napalm Raid has already created a name for themselves with constant tours of the USA and Canada over the past few years. Taking their main influences from the likes of DISCHARGE and even more so DOOM, Napalm Raid creates their own blend mixing their haunting distinct crusty vocals layered into a strong driving D-beat hardcore sound. A mixture no one else can seem to execute well nowadays, Napalm Raid delivers in a way you will remember. The ending track “Why?” is reminiscent to the chilling intro on “Under the sun” by later greats ANTI-CIMEX. Like them, Napalm Raid will soon be considered one of the greats of their time. “Mindless Nation” consists of 8 tracks in about 22 minutes, with no filler in between. Expect to hear a lot more by these guys, they will most likely be playing a city near you soon. Pressing of 500 records with a 100 on limited white vinyl. Includes an 11x17 poster.
Price: 15 euro
Availability: mail us