Monday, March 19, 2012

DISASTER - War Cry MLP+Flexi

Details: Originally released in 1991, War Cry was one of the first purely DISCHARGE influenced bands to span what later become popularly known as D-beat. Hailing from Halifax, they were part of a new wave of raging UK bands with worshiped "Why" as the finest piece on non-music ever recorded. DISASTER faded into obscurity shortly after releasing their MLP and War Cry become a cult record among raw hardcore fans worldwide counting visionaries as Kawakami from DISCLOSE as one of the biggest fans. Been reissued on CD in Japan in 2006 with extra live sets and unreleased songs. Now the label decide to bring this record back to original format. This reissue comes with and extra Flexi Disc including two DISCHARGE cover song (Mania for Conquest off the VA DISCHARGED CD and the unreleased Fight Back from the War Cry MLP session) as well as Death Race from the Nightmare on Albion Street compilation LP. It also comes with a 12 pages 11"x11" booklet containing flyers, pictures, interview and other memorabilia. To top things up Japanese copies will include an extra insert with DISASTER's history written by Jacky Crust War/FRAMTID as well as Japanese translations of the band lyrics.

Price: 19.50 euro
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