Tuesday, February 14, 2012

CRY HAVOC – A feast For The Crows LP

Details: This is my new favourite band from the UK, after finished listen to the records what can i assume is this records rules!! They throw lots of influence in their music, the flow and the groove of rockn’roll in their music. When the d-beat mixed with stoner/rock riff on the guitar parts make this bands more creative. The solo part all perfect and the low sludgy bass part are brilliant!! Few years ago DISFEAR – Live The Storm LP has prove to the world that punk rock is not only 3 chord things. The punks also can rock the world! Now its time for CRY HAVOC take over! If you big fans of 2 last records from DISFEAR, CRY HAVOC don’t let you down. SOUTHERN LORD and RELAPSE will fight hard to get this band under their radar if they found this records. 10 tracks, recorded in 1in12 Studio and mastered by Bri (DOOM). Comes in gatefold jacket and poster.

Price: 14 euro
Availability: mail us