Wednesday, January 11, 2012

V/A CAPITALIST HOLOCAUST 4 way split CD (5 DIY label)

Details: An introduction for 4 new bands from Southeast Asia crust, thrash, and metal punk!
Opening track by EXKORIATOR,blazing talented crust from Singapore. Followed up by ANKARA (Kedah, North Malaysia) play some kinda usual d-beat punk, 3rd bands on this disc hailing from Johor, South Malaysia are DISKANGKUNG delivering 4 tracks of dark, bit touch of modern stench core influenced. Last band on the disc are GEEN NAM (G6) from Kuala Lumpur, damage your ear with 4 energetic thrashy punk with great musical line plus angry shout and screaming vocal. Comes with obi strip, 10 pages booklet in jewel case. Definitely worth to own this comp. Support DIY label! BSR 2012
Price: 7 euro