Wednesday, December 21, 2011

WRETCHED - librero di vivere librero di morire LP (Fanclub)

Details: Wretched were the punk band from Milani, Italy active in 1980’s. They formed at the very beginning of the Italian punk scene . Inspired by Discharge, Crass, Exploited and Disorder. The band became very well known in Italy and Europe for their violent, chaotic music and the screamed, furious lyrics of the songs. Wretched are the embodiment of the abrasively noisy Italian hardcore sound.
On this LP, the guitar is all shimmering atmosphere, laid out in oblique slabs-hardly the mighty roar of the Swedish Discharge-style bands, or the shrill feedback of Confuse, the lawnmower of Ratos de Porao, the chunky drama of Crucifix, or the paper-thin palm-muting of Bastards. The Wretched guitar sound is a real head-tuner: buzzy when it should be powerful, moody where it ought to be menacing and more like husker Du metal Circus than any self-respecting raw punk band ought to be. The guitar solos are an entirely different matter. Here you really do get a “Mediterranean” spin on the Discharge style. This is one of the greatest punk records of all time.

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