Friday, September 16, 2011

DEATHCHARGE - Love Was Born To An Early Death LP

Details: The devastating debut LP from Portland, Oregon’s true funeral cult! DEATHCHARGE has lurked in the shadow of the punk underground for more than a decade with few releases, little internet presence and absolutely no aspirations to assimilate or conform. This cycle of bleak End Time hymns sees them marching beyond mere DISCHAGE violence into a disorienting and absolutely oopressive realm of textured dissonance and spiritual decay. Destined to resonate with disciples of such disparate influences as early CHRISTIAN DEATH, KILLING JOKE, ANTISECT and AMEBIX. Pressed to 12” 180gm vinyl (45rpm) and featuring beautiful cover art by Chanel Adair (Atrocious Madness, Lebendon Toten).
P.S./ Already sold out from the label!!

Price: 16 euro
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