Monday, May 16, 2011


Details: ATOMICDEATH from Malaysia returns with 5 tracks on this split CD. Thrashy kinda metal and punk vibe style. ATOMICDEATH heavily influence from SACRILEGE heavy sound and mixed together with thrash metal riff. Imagine SACRILEGE’s Within The Prophecy heaviness and SLAYER’s Diabolus In Musica and Gods Hates Us All era. This is more improvement from their last Missile Massacre’s tape. Gang shout vocal on few tracks. Heavy pounding drums and thrashy riff, less guitar solo. Far behind Bay Area’s or German. They has finally built their own style. Should we say progressive thrash? Overall, great sound production. BLOODSTONE are Singaporean thrasher thundering with 5 tracks as well on this split. Old school thrash in 2011. They got speed, aggressive riff, shredding and great song structure. Think of Nuclear Assault, Exodus and old Slayer. Bloodstone totally undeniable classic thrash with class! For anyone who interested in thrash metal this split CD worth checking out. One of the standout releases from BLOD OF WAR RECORDS. (Black Seeds)
Price: 7 euro
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