Thursday, February 24, 2011

SLAYER - Down Into The Fire LP

Details: A collection of rare tracks and Demo recording series.

Side One:
Captor Of Sin (Rough Mix 1984)
Aggressive Perfector (Metal Massacre III 1983)
Praise Of Death (Reh. Aug. 8 1983)
Chemical Warfare (Reh. Aug. 8 1983)
Haunting The Chapel (Reh. Aug. 8 1983)
Necrophiliac (Reh. Aug 8 1983)

Side Two:
Warlock (Reh. Aug. 8 1983)
Reborn (Def Jam Demo)
Altar Of Sacrifice (Def Jam Demo)
Criminally Insane (Def Jam Demo)
Witching Hour (Live with Machine Head 1994)

Price: 15 euro
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