Thursday, May 6, 2010


Details: V/A WAVE OF NOISE – 4 way split tape

Introducing 4 bands that played raw punk style from South East Asia. All bands from Malaysia and one from Singapore.
First opening tracks are from SKITSOFRENIA, they played kinda Finnish HC style much influenced from Rattus, old-Tervet Kadet, Kaaos and old-Riistetyt.
Second band from Side A are INCRUST playing really dirty and raw and rough hardcore crust similliar to Doom and Sore Throat.
Other side of the tape we got DISGRACE which we already know played style straight d-beat really reminds of DISGUST’s Brutality Of War and A World of No Beauty era.
Last band on the comp are DISTRUST hailing from Singapore that sounds like Doom and old-Extreme Noise Terror - A Holocaust In your Head era.. but with lots of solo guitar that make this band unique.

Price: 4 euro
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