Tuesday, April 27, 2010

RAW NOISE – System Never CD

Details: UK KING OF CRUST CORE IS BACK! RAW NOISE is side project band by DEAN of EXTREME NOISE TERROR returning back to "hard-core punk" scene with their successful Japan tour with SLANG in 2009! This is their long-awaited 2nd full album following to the latest 7"EP released in summer of 2009 by MCR! The totally bulldozing straightforward crustcore attack which reminds the classic 1st EP recognized as the UK crust core masterpiece, and yes, this is more brutal than ever! Remember the days of late 80's to early 90's with the bands such like ENT - DOOM - EXCREMENT OF WAR....... and today, now, this stuff is going to erupt your head! 12 tracks in total!!!
Price: 7 euro
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