Monday, January 18, 2010

MORPHEME – s/t 7” (White vinyl)

Details: 1st EP from this California + Japanese kids playing HC crusher d-beat noise! Destructive raw punk attack just like Kriegshog and Kaos. 6 tracks of earbleeding!

Six tracks of rampaging noise! Torrential waves of guitar distortion blast as vocals shout and swirl through the burning chaos, fueled by rapid fire drumming and thundering bass charges. This San Francisco band makes an explosive combination of Japanese-styled noisy hardcore ( KURO, GAI, CONFUSE, DISCLOSE) and heavy early 80's Finnish Hardcore influences - ( KAAOS, BASTARDS, KANSAN UUTISET ), with lyrics sung entirely in Japanese by a Tokyo Transplant and Japanese- American. MORPHEME's debut solo release after a quickly sold out demo tape and recently released a split 7" EP with Nagoya Japan's D-CLONE, Recorded by Greg Wilkinson at Ear Hammer studios in Oakland, it captures the bands wild live delayed vocal effects and distorted attack. Comes in a hard pocket sleeve with an insert. (Prank Records)

Price: 6 euro
Availibility: mail us