Monday, November 9, 2009

OPERATION - Destruktiv Utveckling LP and Frihet? LP

Details: Anarkopunk from Sweden. The only LP release. Here some review:
Sad to say but this is their farewell record after an excellent Lp & a succesful tour with Detestation & Cress. 8 songs of angry, pissed off political HC with female / male vocals. Even a bit faster and more tight than their already excellent Lp. Lyrix are kind of indebt analysis of punk politics that remind me lot of Conflict & the likes. Very inspiring stuff - comes with Lp size booklet with translations + comments & a nice poster.

The sleeve looks like a total peace punk cliché - but there are no complaints on my side. The music is roughly described as a perfect mix of Conflict & Mob 47 - in one word excellent!!!! Female / male vocals screaming out their anger about every day suppression. The topics of the lyrics are not new at all, but who cares, because thereis still an oppressive system, animal suffering, sexism & racism out there. comes with booklet & lyrics translated in english. I can play this over and over again without getting tired....

Price: 12 euro each
Availibility: 1 copy each