Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Esko: Well.. It's actually a long story, but i'll try to make it short. Jonathan Fuck came to finland from the US to see Puntala-rock in 2005. I saw him hanging around with all his luggage and shit in front of Vastavirta bar in Tampere after the festival. He told me he hadn't a place to go so i told him he could come to my place for a while. Well... a while was a little longer than a while and we thought about forming a band together because we had very similiar musical taste and thinking in general. We asked Pexte (kohu-63, kaaos) to play drums and a local punk called Pörje to sing and we started practising with a line-up Jonathan - guitar, Esko - bass, Pexte - drums, Pörje - vocals. The lineup didn't work because Pörje didn't show up to the fucking practise! well, couple of time he did, but mostly it was just the three of us. So eventually Jonathan took vocals and i started playing guitar. We found a guy called Uros ("male" in english, haha!) and he took the bass. That was the first real lineup and we started doing gigs. at some point Pexte fucked up his leg so he couldn't play drums anymore. So we kicked Uros out of the band and Pexte took the bass. Then Perttu (ex-riistetyt) came to play drums. And now we have the best and fucked up line up we could wish for!
Sounds like: 80s hardcore, anarcho, finnish punk, disorder, chaos uk, kaaos, varukers, tampere ss, terveet kädet, conflict!!!
Price: 7 euro
Availibility: mail us