Thursday, July 31, 2008

WORLD BURNS TO DEATH - The Graveyard of Utopia LP

Details: 8 Track Raging Attack of Absolute Hardcore... with searing guitars, a thundering and rapid fire drum pound, and harsh vocals spitting forth a brutal vision. This third album from Austin, Texas's WORLD BURNS TO DEATH further evolves and refines their trademark sound as dark, ramcharging ultra-punk comes full circle... Here is the speed and severity of their debut 45's AND the refinement, heaviness and precision of their two previous landmark albums on Hardcore Holocaust Records. "The Graveyard Of Utopia", was tracked initially in Tokyo, Japan after the WB2D 2007 Japanese tour at the legendary OUR HOUSE studios (Where a majority of the classic Tokyo hardcore records have been recorded since the 1980's) with final recording tweaks and mixing done at THE BUBBLE in Austin ( Who have recorded everything from BUILT TO SPILL and THE MEAT PUPPETS, to SIGNAL LOST's 'Prosthetic screams" ). The result is the band's strongest offering to date. Studio time in Tokyo allowed for guest appearances from luminaries from the Japanese Punk scene- with backing vocals on from Ishiya FORWARD and Iizawa BASTARD/JUDGEMENT as well as guest guitar solos from Souichi FORWARD and Keiro AKUTARE and Chelsea DEATHSIDE/PAINTBOX. Studio Time in Austin allowed for backing vocals from Ashley SIGNAL LOST. While WB2D's lyrics have always been caged in Historical reference, the theme of this album is rooted in the Failures, Disasters and Massacres of the Soviet State Apparatus.
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