Thursday, June 5, 2008

Oh Shit They're Going To Kill US s/t LP

Thrash and crossover, leaning towards the metal side of things including twin lead guitar playing and solos. Lots of DRI worship, and I even saw a video of the band where they were all wearing DRI shirts while doing a DRI cover. On the other tracks there is a NWOBHM influence, and it reminds me a lot of METALLICA demo tracks. They set themselves apart from a lot of the other thrash bands these days with twin lead guitar parts that remind me a lot more of IRON MAIDEN than thrash, which is a compliment. When I first heard thrash back in the '80s, the first thing that grabbed me was the comedy and silliness. I loved the mix of political/social lyrics spewed along with the jokes, fun, and six-packs. These guys carry on that tradition. "Some people don't believe vivisection to be a disturbing behavior/ What if those needles were prod into the skin of your savior?" Skateboards, werewolves, drugs, and thrash!!!! (MH) MRR
Price: 8 euro
Avaibility: 2 copies