Saturday, March 29, 2008

Terrorizer "Darker Days Ahead" Pix disc

The eleven new tracks, as well as a new version of the band's classic"Dead Shall Rise" now entitled "Dead Shall Rise V.06", were recorded at Juan "Punchy" Gonzalez' D.O.W. (Diet of Worms) Studios (MORBID ANGEL, CHRISTIAN DEATH), resulting in a more mature, sinister piece of death/grind, fuelled with contempt and a harsh outlook on the status of our present and future world. "Darker Days Ahead" is trademarked byJesse Pintado's and Tony Norman's (MORBID ANGEL, ex-MONSTROSITY) unmistakably feral sounding guitar tone and Pete Sandoval's skin-flaying blast beats. Joined by vocalist Anthony Rezhawk (RESISTANT CULTURE), who renders an outstanding performance, TERRORIZER unleash a brutal tempest predicting the darkest of days.
Jesse Pintado (RIP)

Description: Picture Disc, noble gatefold sleeve, still sealed.
Price: 13 Euro
Availability: 3 copies