Sunday, November 20, 2011

THE WANKYS – Weapons of Musical Destruction 8” + Wank Mag.

Details: THE WANKYS 2ns studio album finally sees it’s release on the band preferred format hard vinyl. This incredible violent recording includes 8 songs. Among them a re-recording of the barmy army sing along song “ABC I Love Noise Punk” and the already classic “Hey Crusty Have a Fucking Bath”. This is the musical equivalent of pissing in an electricity socket and sees the band blending their noise attack with incredibly catchy punk rock songs, all wrapped up with their trademark guitar fuzz attack. The wank mag contains much non-sence including band history, lyrics guitar tab, photos, wankerman comic strip and even a dot-to-dot penis drawing. This lavish package is all encased in a Kuro inspired envelope.

Price: 10 euro
Availability: mail us